GOP: BREAKING Sen @JohnCornyn tells @ThisWeekABC that last minute provision enriching @SenBobCorker amp other GOP lawmak…

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davidsirota davidsirota

BREAKING: Sen. @JohnCornyn tells @ThisWeekABC that last-minute provision enriching @SenBobCorker & other GOP lawmak… - 9 hours ago View More

Alyssa_Milano Alyssa_Milano

Roll Call! The GOP tax bill vote is Tuesday in the house & Wednesday in the senate. THIS IS IT! WE ARE OUT OF TIM… - 5 hours ago View More

davidsirota davidsirota

It appears the hashtag #corkerkickback is starting to trend. Here’s the story at the heart of it — please retweet t… - 7 hours ago View More

ThePlumLineGS ThePlumLineGS

This is important and highly newsworthy. The Number 2 in the GOP Senate leadership has now suggested that the Ame… - 2 days ago View More

ASlavitt ASlavitt

GOP thought this theft would go unnoticed. It won’t be if #corkerkickback starts trending. - 8 hours ago View More


Republicans pushed Americans too far in Alabama. They lost the most conservative state in America. Three days later… - a day ago View More

davidsirota davidsirota

BREAKING: Sen. @JohnCornyn just admitted a provision personally enriching @BobCorker was added to the tax bill as p… - 9 hours ago View More

danpfeiffer danpfeiffer

We are moving much faster towards Trump firing Mueller and the GOP being totally cool with it than anyone thinks - a day ago View More

davidsirota davidsirota

BREAKING: @SenBobCorker suddenly changed his vote to “yes” on the tax bill, right after Republican lawmakers added… - a day ago View More

davidsirota davidsirota

THIS IS A HUGE STORY —> GOP @SenBobCorker voted against the tax cut, then switched his vote to “yes” immediately af… - a day ago View More

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