Hawaii_EMA: NO missile threat to Hawaii

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Hawaii_EMA Hawaii_EMA

NO missile threat to Hawaii. - 9 days ago View More


JUST IN: @Hawaii_EMA, Rep. @TulsiGabbard confirm there is no missile threat to Hawaii, despite emergency alert - 9 days ago View More

PoliticalShort PoliticalShort PoliticalShort Hawaii_EMA

They’ve deleted this tweet, but wow. Who is running things over at the Hawaii EMA? - 9 days ago View More

Hawaii_EMA Hawaii_EMA

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency statement on missile launch false alarm, January 13, 2018. #hawaiiema - 9 days ago View More

JackPosobiec JackPosobiec JackPosobiec Hawaii_EMA

This was Hawaii EMA’s tweet in response to this morning’s disastrous mistake. Can’t make this up - 9 days ago View More

GenePark GenePark GenePark Hawaii_EMA

LOOK AT THIS STUPID LONG GAP BETWEEN "Hey nuclear missile incoming" vs "Sorry we screwed up." @Hawaii_EMA - 9 days ago View More

michellebvd michellebvd

EMA officials now saying on TV that the alert sent to people in Hawaii that said a “ballistic missile threat inboun… - 9 days ago View More

jacobsoboroff jacobsoboroff

We are on Oahu. We were in the room within a bunker in Diamond Head crater from which the false alarm alert was sen… - 9 days ago View More

PrisBlossom PrisBlossom

@Hawaii_EMA Can y’all give some more details on this? Why was this message sent? Was there a missile but it veered… - 9 days ago View More

DavidBegnaud DavidBegnaud

(Begnaud) “you sure this was an accident?" (@Hawaii_EMA admin) “Yes...I know the individual. This was an accident.… - 8 days ago View More

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