NYTNational: Heil Hitler was snappy and alliterative too you normalizing assed mfs

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tommyxtopher tommyxtopher

"Heil Hitler" was snappy and alliterative too, you normalizing-assed mfs. - 17 days ago View More

mat_johnson mat_johnson

NYT, blink twice if you're being held captive. - 17 days ago View More

ParkerMolloy ParkerMolloy

This tweet is deeply embarrassing and shows just how much of a curve he’s being graded on. - 17 days ago View More

PFTompkins PFTompkins

I’d always assumed “failing New York Times” was a dig at poor sales, but if you interpret “failing” another way, it… - 17 days ago View More

jayrosen_nyu jayrosen_nyu

The implication that there is some kind of genius in this qualifies, I think, as trolling your readers. - 17 days ago View More

NYTNational NYTNational

Snappy, alliterative, essentially true — President Trump had coined another one. For the first time, the target of… - 17 days ago View More

TheDweck TheDweck

New York Times: “Isn’t the decline of the office of the presidency fun??” - 17 days ago View More

EricBoehlert EricBoehlert

NYT can't stop Trump - 17 days ago View More

NYTNational NYTNational

Salvadorans face a wrenching decision after the Trump administration scraps a program that shields 195,000 of them… - 16 days ago View More

NYTNational NYTNational

It's been 100 days since Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico, and still about half of the island doesn't have power. - 25 days ago View More

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